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Ambassador’s statement

Dear Compatriots,

Dear guests,
I would like to welcome you to this internet site.
It is a great honor for me to address you on this newly updated electronic page of the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic to the Republic of Korea.

Our Embassy’s main task is to protect the interests of Kyrgyzstan and our citizens.
In this regard, the opening of this new website is one of the most important elements in our work in this direction. Prior to the creation of this page, we have considered many other sites and we have tried to mold this site to include necessary information, so that each of you, be it the tourist, migrant worker, student, prospective investor, or just homesick, could find useful information,  interesting news, or even just to enjoy the native landscape of our beloved homeland.
Since this is only the beginning, the website will increasingly undergo change as time goes on and permanently will get exclusive. In this regard, we have provided feedback in the “Embassy”. We will always welcome your constructive comments, suggestions and recommendation on our Embassy’s page in order to improve it and make it, more informative, convenient and simple.
Currently our site will only be in two languages – Russian and English. However in the near future, we are intending to provide the ability to view information in Kyrgyz as well as in Korean. In this context, it will be a great pleasure for us to enlist some assistance from those who can provide our Embassy with the necessary information on the above languages.

We would be grateful if you will publicize our website to all your friends and colleagues, in order to make our page useful and interesting. Respectively the page will develop if you keep in touch with us in constant communication.

Then and only then will the purpose of Embassy, which I had alluded to earlier, would be fully achieved!




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