State symbolics

State Flag


Approved by Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic on 3rd March 1992

State flag of Kyrgyz Republic is a red width in the center of which there is a sun disk with fourty equally divergent golden rays. Inside the sun disk the tunduk of Kyrgyz Yurt is drawn in red color.
The width of the flag is three fifth of its length. The diameter of the sunray disk is three fifth of its width. The ratio of the sun disk and the sunray disk is three to five. Diameter of Tunduk is the half of the diameter of the sunray disk.
The red monochrome of the flag symbolizes valor and courage. Vivifying effulgent golden sun, diving in its own rays is the symbol of eternal life and represents peace and wealth, aspiring the light and knowledge. 40 rays united in a circle mean 40 ancient tribes coming together into sole Kyrgyzstan.
Tunduk is the symbol of ancestral home in the wide meaning of the world as the universe. It represents not only the stability of the house, way of life, secular nation traditions, but also more deep philosophical union of the Earth  and the sky. Tunduk symbolizes the union of the nations living in the country. The red color of the flag was the color of the flag of generous Manas.

STATE coat of arms

Approved by Jogorku Kenesh on 14 of January of 1994.

In the state coat of arms of Kyrgyzstan there is a golden eagle spreading its wings symbolizing the freedom of the country aspiring the best, generosity, vigilance and highness of thoughts of Kyrgyz nation living in the country of mountains. Water smooth surface of the pearl of Kyrgyzstan Issyk-Kul lake is the symbol of nature beauty and the spring of life and energy.
Mountain summits lightened by the sun look like the white Kyrgyz hats. Cotton and Wheat fringing the coat of arms tell us about Kyrgyz cultures’ variety and of their union, merging all their difference in one sole unit — Kyrgyz nation.

National anthem of the kyrgyz republic

It was approved by Jogorku Kenesh 18 December, 1992.
Lyrics: Zh. Sadykova, Sh. Kulueva.
Music: N. Davlesova, K. Moldobasanova.
Translation from Kyrgyz: K. Akmatova, M. Rudova.

High mountains, valleys and fields
Are our native, holy land.
Our fathers lived amidst the Ala-Too,
Always saving their motherland.

Kyrgyz people go ahead! ,
Go ahead to freedom!
Stand up and flourish!
Create your fortune!

Dreams of the people came true,
And the flag of liberty is over us.
The heritage of our fathers we will
Pass to our sons for the benefit of people.

Kyrgyz people go ahead!
Go ahead to freedom!
Stand up and flourish!
Create your fortune!