13 May, 15:37

“Global Ulsan 2019”

The Kyrgyz Embassy to the Republic of Korea, together with Kyrgyz students and representatives of the Kyrgyz diaspora in Ulsan, presented Kyrgyzstan at the multicultural festival “Global Ulsan 2019”, which was held on May 11-12, 2019 in Ulsan, South Korea.

At the festival, Kyrgyz side acquainted guests with Kyrgyzstan, the beautiful nature, culture and traditions of people, taste boorsoks, chak-chak, sanza and other dishes, as well as try ecologically clean products from Kyrgyzstan: honey and dried fruits.

During the event, citizens of Ulsan had the opportunity to assemble a designer-yurt and try on national clothes.

On May 11, 2019, on the opening day of the festival, Ambassador Dinara Kemelova held a bilateral meeting with the mayor of Ulsan Son Cheol-Ho in a Kyrgyz yurt, which was established as the main cultural exhibit of the festival. During the meeting, the sides discussed issues of further cooperation in the development of the regions of the two countries, as well as issues of investment, trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian cooperation between the cities of the Kyrgyz Republic and Ulsan city.

At the festival, students and activists from Kyrgyzstan played on komuz and “temir ooz komuz” national melodies and danced “Kara Zhorgo”. Also on the second day of the event, there was a fashion show of national clothes, on which Kyrgyzstan representatives took the 3rd place. The Kyrgyz yurt has gained the most popularity among the festival visitors.

The Embassy thanks all students, including students of UNIST, as well as representatives of the Ulsan diaspora and Korean volunteers who have actively participated in organizing the presentation of Kyrgyzstan.

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