Speech of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kyrgyz Republic D. Chotonov at a Round table “Water, Energy and Food Nexus” during the Ministerial Conference within the 7th World Water Forum (April 13, 2015, Gyeongju)

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Honourable Mr. Chairman,

Distinguished Delegates

Taking this opportunity I would like to express appreciation to the Organizing Committee of the World Water Forum for inviting the delegation of the Kyrgyz Republic to take part in this important event dedicated to actual problems of sustainable development.

Today the world community starts to understand more clearly the importance of water resources. The modern world is going through transition to a post-industrial development, an essential element of which is the vigilant relationship with nature, the resources, and the transition to clean energy. Water, in this context, becomes more increasingly relevant sound.

In a world of a growing demand not only for hydrocarbon resources, but also on the water, which is in contrast to the “black” and “blue” gold is not a commodity in international trade. Moreover, the shortage of water increases more rapidly than expected. There is no doubt that water – a limited resource, although renewable. Humanity should reach an understanding of that water is not only humanitarian but also economic measurement. Until we all learn to appreciate this blessing, we can not use its efficiently.

We assume that the limited water resources in the world will sooner or later lead to an understanding of the economic value of water. Necessary to understand that expenses for accumulation, storage, management and delivery of water should be adequately reimbursed. This issue is acute in relation to the internal water policy of individual countries, and in the case of countries which divide among themselves water resources. It appears that all countries of the world community should discuss their needs and priorities, based on the interests of all parties.

The current practice of water resources management in Central Asia does not meet interests of all countries in the region. Does not fully working achieved in Central Asia regional agreements, in particular, the Agreement of 1998 about using of water and energy resources of the Naryn – Syrdarya, which participants are Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

At the same time Kyrgyzstan have always considered and considers that issues of using of water and energy resources in Central Asia can be and must be solved only through open and constructive dialogue in view of interests of the states of region. Kyrgyzstan is always open to discuss all of the complex issues of water and energy.

Everyone is well known that the countries formation of runoff in Central Asia, the development of hydropower potential is the basis to meet their needs in energy recourses. Definitely there is interconnection of water, food and energy sectors. At the same time, it is extremely important to find an appropriate balance between them for the sustainable development of all countries in the region.

Our principled position is that water and energy are indissoluble and are inseparable from each other. We believe that the development of hydropower is essential preconditions for sustainable development. This fully conformable with the initiative of the UN Secretary General, in accordance with the 2014-2024 years, which declared a decade of “Sustainable Energy for All.” Access to the modern, clean and inexpensive energy services in developing countries is essential to achieve global development goals, including those articulated in the Millennium Declaration. There is no doubt that the problem of affordable energy should be reflected in the new global program of the United Nations for the period after 2015.

As you know, in order to ensure energy security of Kyrgyzstan is gradually implementing a number of projects for the construction of hydropower stations on its territory is an environmentally friendly energy sources. As we have repeatedly emphasized, Kambarata hydropower station will change the mode of operation of the Toktogul water reservoir from energy on the irrigation mode. The water reservoirs of Kambarata hydropower station allow passing to a balanced regime of water resources and improving the guaranteed water supply of irrigated lands of downstream countries, and, therefore, will promote sustainable development of the all region. I think that the only through implementation of this project we can solve the problem of acute shortage of water during the vegetative period. Therefore, in this project, first of all, should be interested of downstream countries.

At the same time, we are emphasize that hydropower does not consume water resources. In this regard, the question of conflict of interest between the issue of development of the energy sector and irrigation needs should not be.

Today, more often heard the opinions that the unresolved water use issues in Central Asia region, in the context of high population growth, industrial development, can serve as a catalysts for inter-state conflicts. But the Kyrgyz side adheres of different opinion. Rapprochement of Central Asian states in the field of using of water resources can not be considered separately in the context of the development of the economy of each individual country. We need to strive to develop one unified common scenario for sustainable development of the all region in which the water-energy policy is to be an integral part of it.

Water can and should be no centrifugal, but on the contrary, should be a unifying factor in Central Asia. We are convinced that successful solution of issues of joint use of water-energy resources in our region, will be a powerful catalyst for the strengthening of political trust and neighborly relations in Central Asia, as well as significantly contribute to the sustainable development of economies of our countries. And this is possible only through negotiations and consensus building. Kyrgyzstan is always open for a substantive and productive dialogue on this issue with our neighbors.

In conclusion, let me express our hope that this Forum will become another significant step towards greater international cooperation in the field of water, energy and food security for the sake well-being and sustainable development.



Thank you.

By Администратор April 17, 2015 10:37